The purpose of

Lesson by Ciro Sannino | Official 5SRW study material

The purpose of course is to give you all necessary knowledges to get you prepared for 5SRW V-Ray Certification.

Every lesson is designed to give you the necessary information in order to use V-Ray and correctly apply the 5SRW method. It is not important if you’re studying a 5′ or 25′ longer video: every single minute of our course is created to include important knowledges for the main purpose: pass the certification exam.

 * * *

Structure of is made by a total of 50 lessons: 40 progressive lessons + 10 extra (updates, DNAs, Solutions ecc..).
Actually the extras are growing month after month and soon they will be more than 10 lessons.

Learnvray is not designed to be forever
Even if we plan to add lessons and extras in future this is not the main purpose. Take your time, study, ask questions to the trainers, get prepared and complete your cycle studies taking the 5SRW exam. After the exam you’ll be listed among the certificated users and then your time in Learnvray will be succefully complete.

Monthly subscriptions
Some students from Cg-Blog could have monthly accounts. This kind of subscription should ends after 12 months with the exam(*). Conversely the student can keep alive the subscription in order to study some month more  for the certification. If you are our student from long time we warmly suggest to take the exam and successfully complete the cycle studies.
(*) 5SRW certification exam is free from monthly student from more than 12 months

To start your exam
check in your dashboard the section “5SRW Certification for V-Ray or contact us directly at

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