How to use VRayShadows in photoshop

Lesson by Ciro Sannino | Official 5SRW study material

With V-Ray render elements is possible to enhance shadows in post production.

The render element we need to do this is VRayShadows,
pick it from this list:



Then save all elements clicking on “Save all image channels” at the top of your V-Ray Frame Buffer. These are all the elements you’ll get: Alpha, RBG Color, VRay Shadows.



Now open photoshop and composite RGBColor + VRayShadows and remember that VRayShadows shows “white” where it detects shadows!

That means you need to invert this layer and then put it in multiply blend mode in order to get darker areas where shadows are:


(*) Alpha channel is useful to replace skies, so we are no take into consideration in this page


Download here a PSD sample to check how layer works in Photoshop


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